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Transforming Magnetic Resonance
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New jMRUI-5.2 release. A better software for the clinic.

Last Tuesday 25th May the MRUI Consortium announced the release of a new version of the jMRUI software package for the processing of clinical and biomedical MRS data.

Version 5.2 comes with plenty of new features and improvements and it is a major step towards making jMRUI a better tool for the clinical environment. In such sense, the new release comes with many improvements to the quantifying algorithms QUEST, AQSES and AMARES, and to the MRS virtual scanner NMRScopeB, and not the least, to the graphical interface.

Furthermore, there are three new external plug-ins available: jMRUI2XML facilitates semi-automating the processing and post-processing of MRS spectra, and SpectraClassifier and InterpretDSS assist users in building pattern recognition expert systems and to classify spectra.


jMRUI software development is currently being funded by TRANSACT – Transforming Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy into a Clinical Tool (PITN-GA-2012-316679), an EU-funded FP7-PEOPLE Marie Curie Initial Training Network running from 1st March 2013 till 28th February 2017.

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