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Outreach activities

The TRANSACT network will organize and encourage outreach activities where the recruited ESRs will act as presenter, guide, or creator of (multimedia) dissemination material.

A particular type of activities that we envisage is participation with the TRANSACT demonstrator at local, national or European-level science events.

Transact Creativity Workshop & Transact Talks 

In June 2015 Transact Researchers came to Leuven to participate in Creativity workshops. They followed courses on Assertive Communication, Time Management and Strengths and Ambitions. Next to the courses they worked on preparation on the Transact Talks - short videos presenting their research in an understandable way for broader public.

You can see the result of their work here:




  • "Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy - Reading Your Body Without Touching You" a presentation preapaired by ESRs: Nassim, Miguel, Veronika and Akila.

  • "Imaging biomarkers" a presentation prepaired by Dirk Loeckx - representing icometrix - TRANSACT partner organising the workshop.



Night of Science 2014 - University of Bern

The TRANSACT team was part of the group of 600 researchers that presented their work on the 6th of September 2014, in the Night of Science 2014 of the University of Bern.

transact nightofscience.

This event is organized every 3 years by the university and has the objective of giving the opportunity for researchers and the general public to interact with each other in an informal manner. In this way, the local research community is able to communicate their current work while entertaining the public.

The TRANSACT booth had 5 posters and 3 workstations. There, one could learn more about the basics of Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy and its clinical use, discover the MR spectrum of common drinks, such as milk, wine, vodka, energy drinks, coffee, and etc., and participate in a game with MRI images. In this game the player had to enumerate all the objects “hidden” in a bag just using MR images. The winners received gummy bears as a prize!
The event was also used to divulgate the TRANSACT project and the opportunities that Marie Curie actions give to worldwide students to do research in diverse topics. 
This year’s edition was great success with a total of 8000 visitors.
The next edition of the "Night of Research" will take place in 2017.