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5th TRANSACT Workshop

The 4th TRANSACT workshop took place in June 2016 in Lyon, France. TRANSACT members and the external experts shared their experience and insights in line with the topic “From multiparametric to multimodal MR: the added value of MR Spectroscopy?”. The scientific presentations were followed by fruitful discussions about the future perspectives of the results obtained during the project. In addition, participants had a chance to attend the training course on jMRUI organized at the end of the workshop.

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4th TRANSACT Workshop - on advanced MRS topics

The 4th scientific Transact workshop took place from 7 till 9th Septemebr and was hosted by the Institute of Scientific Instruments of the CAS, v. v. in Brno

During the 3 days the Transact researchers and invited guests could listen to 15 talks of which 3 were given by invited speakers.

To see the overview of persented topics and the full program of the Workshop please click here.



TRANSACT - Creativity Workshop

In June 2015 Transact Researchers participated in Creativity workshops in Leuven, Belgium. They followed courses on Assertive Communication, Time Management and Strengths and Ambitions. Next to the courses they worked on preparation on the Transact Talks - short videos presenting their research in an understandable way for broader public.

The videos are available here.

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The Workshop on SPECTRA CLASSIFICATION was organised by Universitat Autònoma de Barcelonain Barcelona, Spain on 3rd and 4th of December 2014.

The workshop devoted two full days to introduce attendants to:

  • Pattern recognition methods for the analysis of magnetic resonance spectroscopy data.

  • Implementing classifiers based on magnetic resonance spectroscopy data into decision-support systems.

  • Design principles for successful decision-support systems.

  • Integrating evidence-based clinical decision-making into decision-support systems.


TRANSACT Workshop on Quality Issues in Clinical MR Spectroscopy

The  Second Scientific Workshop: Quality Issues in Clinical MR Spectroscopy, was organised in Bern, Switzerland from 16 to 18 June 2014.

The aim of this workshop was to provide a forum for researchers and clinicians to present and discuss all issues determining spectral quality and the quality of conclusions drawn from MRS examinations in humans, be it clinical research or clinical decision making. The workshop included educational and scientific presentations, proffered papers, poster sessions, and discussions. 

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 For more information about this event please click here.

1st TRANSACT Workshop

TRANSACT's first scientific workshop was held 10-12 December in Germany.

We are happy to say that the event organised by Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, in Leipzig, turned out to be a big success.

All 11 curently hired researcher participated in the event, but also 10 researchers from outside network benefited from the exelent presentations given by the TRANSACT Supervisors, Experts and invited Lecturers.


 The TRANSACT members can view the presentations and pictures on the internal website of the project.