The Project

Marie Curie


The scientific objectives of this ITN encompass two major themes – or research programmes (RP) – of great importance for reliable use of metabolic information derived from MRS(I) in the clinic:

RP1 "MRS quality": Data acquisition and quality assurance for MRS(I) standardization and processing.
RP2 “MRS in multi-modal fusion”: Multi-modal MR data analysis (quantitation and classification) with direct impact on clinical applications.

Within these two programmes, the specific objectives are:

O1.    Development of criteria and standards for data quality assessment in MRS and MRSI
O2.    Standardization, automation, validation and robustness for metabolite quantitation methods
O3.    Exploiting MRS information in multi-modal image quantitation
O4.    Tissue or disease classification based on MRS(I) and multi-modal MR data analysis
O5.    Validation on in vivo data in applications from clinical and preclinical research: oncology (focus on brain and prostate); neurodegenerative diseases; psychiatric diseases;  metabolic diseases.