The Project

Marie Curie

Young Researchers

ESR1 - Sreenath Pruthvi Kyathanahally

Research title: Definition of spectral quality scores and use of reference signals

ESR2 - Ross Williams, Iveta Pavlova

Research title: Virtual scanner – computer simulation for spectroscopic quantitation, pulse sequence optimization and data analysis development

ESR3 - Michał Jabłoński

Research title: Modification of jMRUI, software for processing and analysis of in vivo MR data, towards standardization, automation and quality assurance for clinical practice

ESR4 - Veronika Rackayova

Research title: Optimization and standardization of single voxel protocol and quantitation

ESR5  - Nassim Tayari

Research title: Combined acquisition and post processing strategies for optimized MRSI data acquisition

ESR6 - Miguel Martínez Maestro

Research title: Echo-planar-based spectroscopic imaging with online motion correction

ESR7 - Akila Weerasekera

Research title: From preclinical to clinical MRS-based classification for glioma therapy assessment

ESR8 - Nuno Barros

Research title: Brain Tumour MRS / MRI Analyzer

ESR9 - Saurabh Jain

Research title: Combining anatomical and spectral information to enhance MRSI resolution and quantitation

ESR10 - Adrian Ion-Margineanu

Research title: Classifiers for tumour tissue differentiation based on multi-modal MR data

ESR11 - Victor Mocioiu

Research title: Decision Support System and Spectral Classification Tool meta-plug-ins for the jMRUI platform

ESR12 - Faezeh Sanaei-Nezhad

Research title: MRS as part of a comprehensive neuroimaging assessment

ESR13 - Claudio Stamile

Research title: Multi-modal follow-up of Multiple Sclerosis patients